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JPG, PDF or PNG (Vector Create Outlines No Fonts)

300 DPI Resolutions

CMYK Color

.5 Inch Bleed All Around (For example an 18"x24" sign must be submitted 19"x25")


What are Ultramount Foam Board Signs?

UltraBoard Mount panels are lightweight but durable and will not warp or bow like other foam boards. The coated surface lets you reposition a print or vinyl lay-up without damaging the paper liner. UltraBoard Mount is the show-stopper of mounting boards. It performs with all the surface quality and rigidity of higher priced foam boards, and is available in a variety of plain and adhesive surfaces.

Available in these sizes: 

18"x12" (Smaller than Standard Size)

24”x18” (Standard Size works great small table seating charts)

20”x20” (Square Sign)

24”x24” (Larger Share Sign)

24”x36” (Large Size works great big table seating charts)

If you need help designing your yard signs please select “Yes”  from the “Let us Design for You” drop down menu. 

18" x 12"1$ 25.00
2$ 50.00
3$ 75.00
4$ 100.00
5$ 125.00
6$ 150.00
7$ 175.00
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Based on the selection of product size and additional option attributes, you can view and download the help template for the product.

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