Whether you are advertising a new business, promoting a service or deal, or campaigning for a political candidate or nonprofit organization, door hangers can help spread awareness. When you place door hangers at your potential customers’ front doors, they are guaranteed to see it. Advertising your company in neighborhoods near your company is a wonderful way to draw in a local business. Other benefits include those listed below.

  • Cost-efficiency
    You can print a significant number of door hangers for a relatively low cost, making this type of advertising one of the most effective and affordable.
  • Convenience
    Door hangers are easy to leave on the front door, allowing you to reach a large number of potential customers in a short period of time.
  • Environmentally friendly
    you have the option to print your door hangers on recycled paper and stock to have a positive effect on the environment. Not only does this reduce harmful effects on the environment, but it also attracts environmentally-conscious customers.
  • Durability
    Door hangers finished with a High-Gloss UV Coating are reliable and durable, so they hold up card card-body even when it is raining. The special coating prevents people from writing or drawing on them, reducing the chance that the hangers will be used accidentally as scrap paper.

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